Life is all-inclusive…

Photo: Naiade Plante

…and all sorts of feelings are part of it. More or less. But we all want to be able to handle everyday challenges, right? As well as fully enjoy the everyday happiness.

On our mat we learn how to cultivate breath, awareness and compassion.
Bringing these qualities into our every day life, even off the mat – makes life a lot easier and happier.
And that’s one of the reasons I love teaching yoga.

Virya yoga, anusara yoga, vinyasa flow, meditation & pranayama, yin, ashtanga vinyasa…
…and keep going – it’s all yoga, baby!
(Mainly focusing on the ones mentioned above but I actually prefer to see what we’ve got in common instead of labeling styles).

“The practice is not in the asanas, it’s in the awareness” - Julie Martin

YogaLila offers corporate yoga, private classes, events, lectures, workshops, regular & covering classes. Based in Stockholm/Sweden and Goa/India but available for sessions worldwide.

Certified by Yoga Alliance, USA: E-RYT 500
(Experienced Yoga Teacher)

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Brahmani Yoga at Tito’s White House in Anjuna, Goa, will open again for the season 4:th November 2013.